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6/23/05:  If you haven't heard the exciting news, Riley Armstrong has a brand new CD out!  La Loop is available for purchase at Riley's concerts and online here.

6/22/04:  CONGRATULATIONS to Riley & Shannon Armstrong on their recent marriage!!  We wish you both the very best in your new life together.

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11/8/03:  Riley's first DVD "Not From These Here Parts" will be releasing exclusively online on November 15th!! It will feature his music videos, behind the scenes footage, "how to make a Duct Tape Wallet" instructional, and bunch of mpeg travel movies.
Click here to order.

8/1/03:  Make sure to keep checking the tour dates on Riley's official site to see if he's coming to your town soon.  Riley & band put on a great show that's not to be missed.  Also, be sure you stop by the merch booth after the show to say "hello" to Riley.

5/13/03:  Added a couple of new article links to the articles page.

3/25/03:  Added 2 new wallpapers to the downloads page.

3/24/03:  We got to see Riley in concert (it'd be 2 1/2 years since we last saw him!!), and got our pictures up from the show.  It was our first time seeing Riley with his full band, so we have some photos of them, too.  They all did a great job, make sure you see them if they come to your town!

2/5/03:  Riley's song "Silver and Green" has been released to radio.  You can call up your local station and request the song, as well as vote for it on The Chart.

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